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New Friends!

Hello and Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone who befriended me at the usxuk community! Here is a little more about me and what I do if you didn't spot me on the friending meme:
Name/Nickname: Helen/ubermidget

Age: 28 (I think Blink 182's "What's my age again?" song applies here, lol!)

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Favorite Hetalia characters: UK, USA, Canada, Greece, Denmark, Prussia, Italy

So, what's your favorite thing about America/England?: They bicker but they fit together so well!

What non-Hetalia fandoms are you into?: I'm mainly into the Hetalia and The Legend of Zelda fandoms, but I also like the following: Full Metal Alchemist (Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Riza - oh heck, most of the characters!) Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, a little Yugioh (first and second series), Bleach, a little Soul Eater, a little Gundam Wing, a little Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic), Kingdom Hearts (got into that late last year), a little of Pokemon, a little of Harry Potter, Sherlock, Dr Who, My Little Ponies (I've been a fan since I received my first Cherries Jubilee plushie pony when I was 5. The Friendship is Magic series is adorable and hilarious to me!), Thundercats (old series), Disney films, a little from the Marvel comics universe (mainly the animated cartoons and films) and a lot more than what I've mentioned here - feel free to ask me!

What do you post about in your journal?: Mostly fan-art I've drawn, crafts I've made and a little life in general.

What are you looking for in an LJ-friend?: (this can include anything from 'someone who'll comment' to 'someone to RP with' etc.) Someone who will comment and I can talk to about our favourite fandoms, things we like and a little life in general.

Anything else?: I'm a free-lance illustrator, animator and plush-doll maker. When I'm not working on commissions, I like to make fan-art and fan plush dolls, like the two lovelies below (Pirate UK and Captain America Jones from cosmic-dare's "You Can't take the Sky from Me" fan-fic). Photos and updates about them sometimes appear in my journal, they're all jokingly a part of my house's family life and I take one or two of them with me to conventions in the UK! Other dolls I've made include Link and Britannia Angel.

I any of you are on Tumblr, you can find me there too: http://ubermidget.tumblr.com/. I usually put up my works in progress, the odd photograph and reblog quirky blogs/images of note. I'll be happy to follow you too if you're there.

I'm tired now, must go to bed - I've been drawing all night and need sleep! XD



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Mar. 4th, 2012 09:07 am (UTC)
Ooooh, I have a Cherries Jubilee plushie too! And a Lickety Split. I love My Little Pony. *rolls around in adoration* Another g1 fan! I mean, I love FiM (Pinkie's my girl) but g1 is <3
Also, LotR. Yay! We share a few fandoms, great! :D

Just curious, what other pairings do you ship in Hetalia?
Mar. 5th, 2012 08:29 am (UTC)
Yay for My Little Pony! *high five* Pinkie Pie makes me laugh until my sides hurt, she's totally adorable!
For Hetalia, I like the other following pairings, although I'm pretty open-minded: FrUk (there's so much comedy fodder and history with these two!), UKxJapan (two awkward but secretly perverted and tea-loving gentlemen), Greece x Japan (the way Himaruya drew out their friendship in his strips, it works so well!), the HungaryxAustriaxPrussia triangle (Any of these three as a pair works for me), SpainxRomano (they work too), Spain x France (I think they'd get on like a house on fire) and UKxSpain.

As for Canada (Who? Just joking, I couldn't forget Canada - I have a soft spot for Canadians!), I've read fan-fictions where he was paired up with Ukraine, France or Prussia. The writers wrote their relationships quite convincingly for me, so I just enjoyed it for what it was. One pairing I would like to see that I haven't seen yet is UK with Cyprus, either as friends or brief lovers. My reasons for the last one are: Cyprus was owned by UK as a colony twice in history, and is part of the Commonwealth. UK has army bases in Cyprus, including one known as the "Happy Village" (Prince Harry completed his army training there). The highest number of tourists visiting Cyprus are from the UK. UK is actively involved (well, his foreign minister that is) in helping Cyprus resolve it's island partition problem. There's a huge Cypriot community living in the UK (I'm one of them) and at least once a week, I see adverts on the TV for holidays in Cyprus with the slogan "Love Cyprus". Finally, everyone in Cyprus speaks English as their second language.

Are there any pairings you'd like to see in Hetalia that are rare or haven't been done yet? And what do you like about LoTR? I fell in love with it after seeing the films, reading the books and discovering The Silmarillion. :D
Mar. 5th, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)
I'm sort of protective of my OTPs. Multishipping is a big no-no for me. I despise FrUK, actually. My pairings are Spamano, Franada, GerIta, PruAus, SuFin, DenNor, Belgium/Hungary, RoChi, Giripan and PoLiet. Others aren't considered. Sorry, I'm kind of narrown-minded that way. Secondary characters can be paired up according to the situation I'm writing about, and I don't mind multipairing Canada so much, but my OTP for him is Franada. I guess that's just me.

Rarepairs that aren't considered? The aforementioned BelgHun, Netherlands/Australia and Estonia/Iceland.

I fell in love with LotR through the movies too, but I devoured the books (although it did take me three goes to finish RotK). I'm reading the Silmarillion right now and I'm dying for The Hobbit. Do you ship anything in LotR? My OTP is Glorfindel/Erestor.
Mar. 8th, 2012 01:32 am (UTC)
Hey, sorry I didn't reply sooner! No need to apologise for the shippings you like and don't like, you're not being narrow-minded - you like what you like! I agree with you about Franada, I think they work really well together. I can see Canada making pancakes for France, and France decided to join in and they end up making delicious pancakes to eat. Or something (I wonder if I should draw that, I'm so obsessed with drawing USUK right now...XD)

Netherlands/Australia sounds very interesting - they're both pretty laid-back, I can see that working! :D

I had to read the books several times, there were things that popped out to me the second time around that I didn't catch in the first read. I'm looking forward to The Hobbit coming out at the cinemas, I'll have to root through my book cases to find it and read it again. So much happened in The Silmarillion, I have to re-read that too. I don't have any OTPs for the LoTR, but Fingolfin was one of my favourite characters. I cried when Melkor/Morgoth killed him in battle, after all that poor man had battled through! :'(
Mar. 9th, 2012 02:41 am (UTC)
Thank you for being so understanding. I was worried I came off a little rude... If I did, I'm sorry.
Yes, that's what they do when they get together. Make pancakes, yeah. *coughs and pointedly looks elsewhere*
I've been trying to draw some decent Romania/Bulgaria. There's not enough of it out there. :'(

I don't know where I got them from, it just... Evolved. I also love the contrast between Oz, who'll be all energetic and full of laughter and the joys of croc wrestling, and Ned, who's just really chill, puffing away on his pipe/joint and watching Oz wrestle the crocodile.

I haven't reread in a while. I've been sort of lazy when it comes to books, lately. Fanfiction distracts me so easily. I have a shelf full of Discworld books as yet untouched.
May. 26th, 2012 05:06 am (UTC)

Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy, and have not been at LJ for awhile. Sorry I couldn't send you a real e-card since I don't have your e-mail. If you like, you can enter your information here: http://www.birthdayalarm.com/dob/16368515a56300580b363

You really are a good artist, whether it's drawing or needlework. I like America/England, too. We do share a few interests: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, old Thundercats, Pokemon, and Disney.
Jun. 1st, 2012 02:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the Birthday card, it's so cute! And thanks for the compliments about my art too **blushing**. :D
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